Assignment 1: Fictive Posters

Prelude: The studio/practical aspect of this assignment is to be considered in relation to Debord  & Wolman’s essay, A User’s Guide to Detournement. You can find this essay at

Be prepared to discuss this essay in class. Reading Assignment questions will be handed out separately.

Assignment: Pose a fake problem. Suggest a real solution.
Or pose a real problem. Suggest a fake solution.

The problem has to be articulated in a poster (black and white or color).

If you want to work in groups of two:
Do the above but also:
Use social media (youtube, facebook, myspace) to further brand your idea.

If you want to work in groups of three:
Do the above but also:
Create a social event or social interaction with a public (either in real or virtual space).


See Ruben Ortiz Torres, Krzysztof Wodiczko, The Yes Men, Hock/Sisco/Avalos, Critical Art Ensemble with Beatriz de Costa, Guillermo Gomez Pena and Coco Fusco, David Hammonds (How Do You Like Me Now?, 1988), William Pope L. (Black Factory), Craig Baldwin (Billboard Outlaws), Reverend Billy, Etoy (Specifically the Toy War project), Lucy Orta, subRosa


Cougars On Campus, a production of installation art has created a Facebook page. The search feature in Facebook at the time of posting is not hitting the page. Direct link is here - become a fan and stay updated for videos and other information related to the cause.

Got A Weight Problem? Count Your Scarfits and win a free scarf when you gain 10 pounds!

Sick? Try Retrovir!

Something to read while waiting for the elevator

PETV’s posters

Experiment 1: Decorate & Protect

Objective: Wrap an object on campus with wrapping paper. The design of the wrapping paper – it’s color, pattern, iconographies, etc. – should poetically engage the object being wrapped.

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