Lucy Orta

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 Julie Le
Lucy Orta

            Born in Britain, Lucy Orta is a contemporary artist that graduated from Nottingham Trent University. After graduating she focused on sculpture work that emphasizes on the boundaries between the body and architecture. She not only does work with sculpture but also public art, video and photography. Her work has been shown in exhibitions at the Wiener Secession Vienna, Austria in 1999; CAM Florida, USA in 2001 and Barbican Art Gallery London in 2005. Lucy Orta also founded Studio Orta with her husband, Jorge Orta whom she collaborates with in 1991. She has done many works pertaining to the community and the social exclusion, dwelling, mobility, sustainable development and recycling.

            Graduating as a fashion designer, Lucy Orta began working on a project called “Body Architecture” (1994-1998). Which were pieces made from tents that were redesigned as overcoats, backpacks reconstructed into sleeping bags and other prototypes that were designed for emergency “situations”.  The pieces were designed was portable architecture, lightweight and autonomous structures representing issues of survival.

            The studio that was created by Lucy Orta in 1991 was used as a research and development studip for artworks and limited editions created by Lucy and Jorge Orta. The studio was used as for an exhibition for their collaborations and commissions. The studio hired a teamto help cultivate ideas of communication strategies to investigate important themes that they deem important in the present day. Such themes are; the community and the social link, dwelling and habitiat, nomandism and mobility, sustainable development, ecology and recycling.

           Her unique installation work is very inspiring and makes me as an artist want to find more ways to incorporate recycling and environmental awareness into art to give people a different perspective about the issue as well as provide something that was recycled, yet quite beautiful to look at.


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