David Hammons

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Written By – Michael Niblett

Artist – David Hammons

Focusing on Hammons artwrok – How ya Like Me Now

How Ya Like Me Now, the art piece created by David Hammons a New York artist well known for his work themed around African American life and culture was installed in the (WPA) Washington Project For The Arts in 1989. The piece was designed to be a commentary directed towards the national portrait gallery and the absence of important African American figures in it. The text How ya Like Me Now, viewable from the national portrait gallery literally meant if Jesse Jackson were white his portrait would be on the wall. This idea was a great commentary towards the portrait museum and promoted advancement towards the process of racial de-segregation.

The artwork was installed by several white WPA workers along with Hammons. The venue, close to a busy bus stop had onlookers paying much attention to the work being installed. Several people took offence to the project connecting the white installation crew with the white Jesse Jackson, labeling it racist. A riot broke out and the billboard sized image was knocked over.

Jessie. “How ya Like Me Now? Photo.

21 February 2010 <;

Hammons. “David Hammons” Photo.

21 February 2010 <>

Sources –

Duke Magazine Perspectives. Art And The Black Aesthetic, Richard Powell by Tom Patterson. 21 Feburary, 2010.



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